The M. & C. Gelardini Arte Auction House was founded by Massimo and Cinzia Gelardini in the Eighties after they gained a lot of experience in their antique shop in via del Babuino, a historic antique dealers street in Rome, continuing the activity started in the early Forties by their father Aldo. The name Gelardini is part of the ancient Roman antiquarian tradition with many years of experience and knowledge in the field of Antiques and Auctions, so much so that it is a point of reference for a large clientele, as well as for art collectors and enthusiasts.

The current headquarters of the Auction House is located in Rome in Via Pasubio n. 13, in the historic "Prati" district, in a prestigious apartment with a garden.

The M. & C. Gelardini Arte carries out its activity in the sector of auctions of antiques, entire furnishings, testamentary bequests, inheritance divisions as well as movable and bankruptcy executions for assignments that receives from the Civil and Criminal Court of Rome.

In our headquarters, located in Via Pasubio n. 13, Rome, auction sales take place every two months.

Our Auction House offers individuals, public entities (secular, religious, institutional communities) and private entities (banks, businesses and more) the opportunity to auction artwork and antiques, entire furnishings, entire ancient collections, works of modern and contemporary art, guaranteeing the necessary assistance and a consultancy service thanks to a solid organizational structure and an experienced commercial sales structure.

The owner, administrator and director of the M. & C. Gelardini Arte Auction House is Dr. Massimo Gelardini who, in addition to collaborating with the Civil and Criminal Court of Rome as an Art Appraiser, enrolled. n. 11908, since the early Seventies, is also a member of the College of Experts and Appraisers and Technical Consultants of Lazio in Ancient Art.

The name of the M. & C. Gelardini Arte, both for our auction buyers and for the people who entrust us with the sale of their goods, is synonymous of transparency, confidentiality, reliability and seriousness, so much so as to obtain prestige and gratification over the years. Our company policy is based on a realistic and contemporary vision of the market, so estimations and evaluations are not influenced by trends and/or speculations.

The management of M. & C. Gelardini Arte can be considered intertwined with Rome because, supported by the experience of two generations of antique dealers, it knows the city's most significant experiences and the most important moments in the capital's operational history.